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Real Time payments will become the European Standard! With decision from the EU Commission, SEPA Instant Payment will be mandatory standard. Every Bank currently offering SEPA Credit Transfer to it's customers will need to provide SEPA Instant functionality until end of 2024 for Receiving and end of 2025 for Sending transactions. 

Following the regulation, 

Get the most benefits for you and your customers with Headsight Real Payments Suite and start immediately your journey into the future of payment transactions. HURRY UP!

SEPA Instant Payments (SCT Inst) are a fact, getting more and more attention. Many banks already provide their customers with Instant Payments Solutions and will shift general SCT transfers to SCTInst.


There has been a great consumer acceptance in countries that have already put into effect Instant Payments on a national level. The UK has seen exponential growth in ‚Faster Payments. Back in 2013 there were already 1 billion transactions processed with a total volume of more than 770 billion Pounds.

Instant Payment Suite (INPS) is the platform for payment transactions for SEPA Instant Credit Transfer (SCTInst). Designed as a "Software as a Service", all features are instantly at your disposal without cost- and time-consuming adjustments to your payment platform.

Expand your internal services portfolio e.G. within a Business Process Outsourcing, linking up to the service of INPS. Outsourcing your SCTInst connection into INPS will also help you solve the challenge of the required 24/7/365 availability.

Whether you want to operate the link-up of INPS to the Instant Payment Scheme in your own data center or in the cloud – it's your choice. The modern system architecture of INPS is designed for your data center as well as for operating in Microsoft Azure Cloud.

We size the INPS according to your needs and requirements and scale it in sync with your business growth.
This flexible scalability – horizontally and vertically – is available in Shared-Use in the Cloud, as well as in dedicated environments in the cloud or even On-Site.

Whether you decide for an On Site- or a cloud-based allocation, the link-up and the clearing will always be provided secure and simple through EBICS on Real-Time-Server from Business-Logics.
The same process applies also to the matching of necessary Information in the Instant Payment Scheme such as account information and account balance.

Benefit from the performance of Microsoft Azure Cloud. As a Microsoft Cloud Partner Headsight is your entrance into the Geo-Redundant Cloud Data Center, which complies with German jurisdiction and German data protection regulations. The Cloud offers you the flexibility of adding or reducing computing capacities. Keep your cost low as you only pay for the CPU-time you need.

Product Features

  • Fast TimeToMarket
  • 24/7/365 availability
  • Guaranteed
  • Highest Performance
  • Certified IT-Security
  • Geo-Redundante RZ Architecture

Integrated Checks

  • Message validation
  • SCL checking
  • Account checking
    deposit and payments
  • Solvency checking
  • Embargo checking

Integrated Control

  • Daily Reconciliation Reports
  • Daily statistics of
    message processing
  • Summary of denials
  • Year-to-Date
    message traffic

Graph. User Interface

  • Web based interface to create payments manually
  • Integrated Analytics Portal
  • Issuing of SCTInst callbacks


  • EBICS Gateway to EBA RT1
  • EBICS Gateway to BBk TIPS
  • Embargo Filter
  • Transfer of account information from local systems
  • Booking interface