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Software Development

The challenges in the IT-sector are, contrary to many beliefs multi-faceted and highly individual.

So, it is rather rare, that "Out of the box" solutions really can get the various tasks of a job done.

As we understand our job, we aim to conceptualise and implement powerful yet flexible solutions with low maintenance needs. And of course we support and advise you throughout the different phases of the project. From the analysis, to the requirements specification, from the rough draft to the design- and software-engineering and finally, the system integration.

Preferably we handle the projects according to the "Agile Project Development". It allows us to work with a very dynamic and efficient software development process and throughout its course we are able to react quickly and flexibly to any unpredictable event.

As you can't do everything at once, we concentrate on the Microsoft technology stack and the corresponding product range. As a Microsoft partner with Silver Certification in the field of application development, we support both Microsoft itself and international software manufacturers, including in Germany, the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, France, Finland, Denmark and Serbia.